It Isn’t What They Say About You, It’s What They Whisper

by Silly Mummy on July 20, 2011

An Introduction to Public Relations: From Theory to Practice

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My title today is a quote from Errol Flynn (1909-1959), Australian actor, and is one of the most used quotes about public relations (PR) across the internet. I’ve been looking at people’s thoughts on public relations today as I’m back at uni from this week on. I’m taking a unit in Public Relations and attended the first class last night.

It’s a core unit, a must-do and the last of the four that I have to do.

There are thirteen or so of us altogether in the class and we’re from different countries including France, India, Lebanon, China and Mauritius. A great mix and a fun bunch! Our tutor/lecturer, Ms J, came across as a fantastic PR professional AND lecturer.

I loved her presentation style and the way she invited each person to participate.  Ms J was great and I’m looking forward to attending the lectures.

I just realised that she is the first female lecturer I have had since the start of my course. One out of four lecturers?! Hmmph! I hope there will be more ladies along the way. Otherwise, after my course I’m going to start a movement for bringing in more female lecturers to the University! Girl power!  Or better yet, my goal could end up being to become a lecturer and lobby for more women! We shall see…

Anyway, here’s a summary of what I will be learning in this unit:

The principles and an introduction to the practice of public relations. The history and evolution of public relations. How to identify publics and the need for public relations programs. How to plan and manage these programs and evaluate their effectiveness. How to manage relations with relevant publics, and apply the range of communications processes needed.

We’ll be using this book: An Introduction to Public Relations: From Theory to Practice

I’m quite relieved that it won’t be about the writing techniques such as press releases and it won’t be a repetition of the undergraduate unit I took a zillion years ago! Thank God!

I look forward to the semester and look forward to getting to know new students!

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