10 Cool Skills I’d Love to Learn

by Silly Mummy on February 6, 2012


There are so many things I’d love to learn how to do. Some purely out of curiosity and others out of need (to make life easier). I’ve thought really hard about 10 skills that I would put on my long list of skills to learn before I die:

1- Chop vegetables and fruits à la chef, like Jamie Oliver: What woman wouldn’t? Unless you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy cooking. I love this video where Jamie teaches kids how to chop.  I don’t really care at this stage if his techniques are not perfect. Being able to cut his way is epic enough.

2- Speak a 4th language, preferably German or Italian: I already speak Creole, English and French. Learning a 4th language would totally be awesome.

3- Graphics design, like this guy called Evan Eckard: I admire creative graphics designers, I think they are very skillful beings. I’d love to be able to design my own graphics for my blog.

4- Play the harp: Oh man, this has been my dream since I was in music school. I attended a proper full on music school from age 6 to 17. When it was time to choose an instrument I asked my dad if I could play the harp, because I once went to a concert and a woman from Europe was playing the harp on stage. I fell in love with it and begged my dad to sell our house and buy me a harp. He said no :( and so I chose the flute.

5- Sail a boat: I love yachts but I haven’t been on one in the last 8 years. In preparation for retirement I would love to learn to sail one. Hopefully some day the Scientist and I can enjoy a sailing experience together… sail into the sunset and never come back to pay tax!

6- Ride a motorcycle: When I was 16 I had an American penpal who owned a Harley Davidson bike. He sent me photos of ‘her’ and I developed this admiration for bikes. I’m not crazy about bikes, I just love looking. I even used to enjoy shows like CHiPs, Street Hawk and Renegade. As part of my retirement plans, I’d love to go on a ride. Again, why not into the sunset, squeezed into leather pants?

7- Give a perfect haircut to my husband: Oh yeah I’d like to be able to just grab the tools and start chopping like a pro. Right now all I do is give the Scientist a buzz cut. He prefers to do that instead of paying $20 a month, which could add up over the course of his life. Learning to properly do a nicer style would be great, he’d look less like a soldier!

8- Tai Chi: To improve my posture and flexibility as I grow older. I reckon I’d have a lot of free time in my 60s-80s. So I’ll wake up early, go to the beach and just do my thing. Or join a group. Being more flexible would be totally awesome because then I wouldn’t need help getting out of bed to pee when I’m old!

9- Faking voices and being a ventriloquist: Remember Achmed the Dead Terrorist? If I had Jeff Dunham’s skills I’d play tricks on people at the office and on the train. Nice tricks though, hehe.

10- Make Bailey’s Irish Cream: I’ve always loved Irish Cream. I have always wondered what the original recipe is like and how much effort is put into making it. I don’t mean pouring it out of the bottle and mixing it, blah blah. I mean the actual thing from the bottle, I’d love to know how to make it.

So that’s my list of 10 of the skills I’d love to learn.

What would be on your list of skills to learn before you die?


Image: anankkml

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