Book Review: Line of Vision (David Ellis)

by Silly Mummy on April 13, 2012

Line of VisionLine Of Vision
by David Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The best suspense novel I’ve read in a while…surprising.” James Patterson

“Wicked…A twisty spellbinding story.” Publishers Weekly

“A fresh take on the legal thriller. Crackles with unexpected twists.” San Francisco Chronicle

Line of Vision is the story of Marty Kalish who falls in love with a wealthy married woman, Rachel. She tells him that her husband is abusive and that he plans to kill her. One night the husband is murdered and Marty confesses as the killer. However, the police are not so sure and want to charge the wife along with Marty.

Marty tells us what really happens as he slowly unfolds some great unexpected twists in his story. You think you know what Marty did but you don’t. The plot keeps thickening through the book. I just loved it. I loved how smart Marty is.

Line of Vision is the first book I have read by David Ellis. I enjoyed this book as much as I do any John Grisham piece, and mind you – Grisham is damn good, I never thought anyone else could beat his style. But Ellis has moved me and I hope to find more of his writing. His characters are very strong and believable.

Marty’s story kept my attention over the three days that it took me to complete it. I could have done in one day but I was too afraid to finish the book. You know when you’re served a delicious meal and you don’t want to finish it all because it’s too nice? And that good feeling you get after a good workout at the gym? That’s how I felt when reading Line of Vision, so I let it span over three days! Crazy, huh?

I totally recommend the Line of Vision for anyone interested in seductive courtroom thrillers. What a creative author Ellis is!

If Ellis had gone a little further and maybe created contact between Marty and the Rachel after the sentencing I could have given 5 stars. Instead, he kept them separate, he didn’t allow them to speak to each other. Also, at times the story rushes a little, while at other times it’s a little too slow. But overall it’s easy to read and understand.

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