The Night My Lover Took Me to Sushia Izakaya & Bar, Perth

by Silly Mummy on July 22, 2013

Sushia Izakaya & Bar

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On July 22, 2013
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I believe this is the premier Japanese cuisine restaurant in my books in Perth. I've eaten at some of the best of the best in Perth and this tops it all.

Photos further below.


The Scientist and I celebrated the eight years that we’ve been tied to each other. We wanted to do something different and exciting. I said no to ‘a dinner and a movie’ because I didn’t want to waste 2 hours sitting silently next to the love of my life as we watch a movie that only one of us is into. Not on our wedding anniversary.

Yes we complete each other but that also means we’re a lot alike and also a lot different! The one thing we both definitely would ditch our child with the in-laws for is Japanese food, preferably raw.

Sushia Izakaya & Bar stood out on the Brookfield Place directory because of my love for Japanese food, highly likely because of the fish and because I’m originally from the tropics where we would eat fish every single day of the week. I can confirm that we had an amazing night and that we’re going back soon to taste the rest of the menu. Having been there also triggered further interest in learning more about the Japanese cuisine. So below in my brief review I’ll inject some of the things I’m learning.

It was a 8pm on a Saturday night in July but the streets of Perth were not that busy in that part of town. Our destination was tucked away under 125 St Georges Terrace. As we entered Sushia Izakaya & Bar we were greeted by a very professional young lady who confirmed our table and who was happy to wait for us to first enjoy our cocktails at the bar. At the table, though, I ordered water as I don’t appreciate mixing strong drinks with my food because I love to be able to taste every single flavour that the chef worked his ass off crafting for me. The Scientist had beer.

Our assigned waitress introduced herself to us and explained how things work in this kind of setting. Izakaya means you take the time to enjoy various dishes that you share with your dining companion whilst you drink.

Everything is designed for sharing and you either order in stages or place a long order and they’ll bring the dishes out as you go. The key to enjoying a proper Japanese restaurant is to order blindly. So we went partially omakase (leaving it up to the chef, surprise me!) and partially okonomi (as we like it), which means leaving it up to the chef for some of the dishes, but we’ll also pick some that we know we like. Not knowing what to expect is part of the fun. We ordered three dishes at a time but to be brought out one by one.

Tip: ask your waitress to keep an eye out and ensure to leave a short breather between dishes. You come up for air and take a sip of your drink in preparation for the next and discuss how much you just loved that dish (or your companion). You could go on a walkabout to check out the chefs as they perform their arts behind glass screens.

Here are some of the dishes Sushia Izakaya & Bar wowed us with. I may have forgotten to write them in the right order as I was too busy trying to take photos before the Scientist swallowed my share!

SUSHIA PERTH 11Oyster Trio is a natural dish with three sauces – Ponzu, Ikura Salsa and Spicy Relish, $15


SUSHIA PERTH 12 Sake Usuzukuri is seared samon, miso yoghurt and ikura salsa, $18


SUSHIA PERTH 8Chef’s selection of Sashimi Moriawase includes octopus, tuna, and scallops, whatever was fresh that day $35


SUSHIA PERTH 2 This Nigiri Moriawase is the Chef’s selection of fresh quality fish and scallops on cooked vinegared rice $16

The style of Japanese cuisine used at Sushia Izakaya & Bar is teppanyaki and the chefs use an iron griddle to cook the hot food. My research shows that teppan means iron plate, and yaki, means grilled, broiled or pan-fried.

I loved this next platter but next time I will ask them to exclude avocado in my share. I like avocado but not in my main meals. I prefer eating it as a ‘fruit’ on its own.

SUSHIA PERTH 3Spider Maki is a platter of soft shell crab, scallion, tobiko and avocado rolled in katsura daikon, $18

SUSHIA PERTH 4Squid Karaage is deep fried squid and this one was with salt and pepper

As I’m not a tofu fan, I passed on this one. I tried it but blergh! Ergh! Splergh! Mind not changed!

SUSHIA PERTH 5Age Dashi Tofu (soft tofu dusted with starch, deep fried, served in dashi broth) $12


This one… I had to close my eyes as I tasted it, so that my mind and mouth could have an orgy with the prawn! Damn, it was perfect! I sighed as I realised that we only ordered one each!

SUSHIA PERTH 6Kushiyaki Ebi – whole prawns served with spicy miso yoghurt, 2 pieces, $18

As Japanese is not just about fish and seasfoods, we thought we’d try their pork belly.

SUSHIA PERTH 7Pork Belly, twice cooked in Garlic miso, Japanese relish and pickled daikon, $21 the platter

And because a little bird told the staff that it was our wedding anniversary celebration, my version of the Banana Harumaki and Black Sesame Ice Cream was plated like such:

SUSHIA PERTH 9Banana Harumaki (spring rolls), Black Sesame Ice Cream and a drizzle something sweet $12

So, overall, I had a fantastic time at Sushia Izakaya and Bar, Perth. It was the best wedding anniversary dining experience since we got married! Final bill, including drinks: just over $260.

The staff were professional, well-presented and useful, and they seemed to know their stuff. I would like to go and sit where the chefs station themselves so that I can watch them create my dishes. This would add to the experience.

Sushia Izakaya and Bar (Perth)
Brookfield Place, Basement Laneway, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth
(round the back of the Trustee and Royal Insurance Buildings, then down the stairs opposite Print Hall)

Check them out here for opening hours (closed Sundays) or at

Best parking
– Wilson Parking – Central Park, 152-158 St Georges Terrace
– Westralia Plaza Parking, entry on Mounts Bay Road opposite the Esplanade Bus Port

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I believe this is the premier Japanese cuisine restaurant in my books in Perth. I've eaten at some of the best of the best in Perth and this tops it all.
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